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3 Ways Your Community Manager Grows Your Business

Posted by Suzy De Line on Sep 3, 2015 6:24:42 PM

As companies strive to become more constantly connected and relevant to their customers via online communications, the point of connection is the individual usually known as  the Community Manager. Therefor as you can imagine, it is promising career path. On LinkedIn alone, the number of people who have added "Community Management" to their skills list is up 46% year-over-year.


From talks with companies both large and small, we've learned how a good community manager can really move the needle on things from increasing brand sentiment to finding new customers.

But what exactly does a Community Manager do?  From the customer stand point, I imagined this person spent all day reading and replying to comments (and taking down offensive and inappropriate ones as needed.)

And they do do this.

As an employee at a large company, I’d hear upper management wonder what customers thought of something and they’d say “Ask the community manager if they keep track of this kind of sentiment.”

And they do do that.

In fact; they do a great many things.  Inbound Marketing thought leader Hubspot recently wrote a posting about Community Managers that outlined 7 key skills that this person must have to successfully optimize this connection between company and customer.  I thought this was a pretty impressive list, which included being:

  • content creator

  • marketing analyst

  • news junkie

  • customer service rep

  • community facilitation

  • funnel marketing manager

  • project manager

(Whew!  Aren’t most of these full time jobs?)

What kind of a person has the skills to be able to perform this type of day with flair?  Here are some key traits called out by Mashable’s Ryan Little.

  • Good communication  

  • Judgement

  • Empathy

  • Dedication

  • Organization

  • Adaptability

  • Level Headedness

  • Analytically minded

  • Enabling

  • Passion for the brand

So put together all these skills and traits; ensure your community manager is connected both internally and externally, and you will see these business outcomes.

1. Your current and potential customers feel listened to and valued.

2.  Your best content is daily out in front of ideal audiences and improving your company SEO efforts.

3.  Your marketing and sales team get fresh actionable intelligence of what is going on in their relevant markets.

One person making impact in 3 very important ways, no?  We at Mediaholix salute Community Managers everywhere!


Want more details on ways a Community Manager can improve your company's effectiveness?   Download this "Day in the Life" checklist shared with us by Digital Marketing Guru Scott Jaworski.