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5 Winners in the Mediaholix May Websites Sweepstakes

Posted by Suzy De Line on Jun 1, 2015 7:01:00 PM

Since we spend all day on the web (hazard of the job), we like to keep a folder of things that made us go "Well Done." And how churlish it would be to keep them to ourselves!

So, with no further ado, let us call out some of our favorites in the field of SEO/Inbound Marketing/ and the wild world of Content Marketing.


Google likes to keep us on our toes -  last month's Mobilegeddon kept things lively, but most of our favorites managed to come through shining, and their changes have enhanced their search ratings.

1.  Broomwagon  - As our latest addition to the world wide web, BroomWagonTours was an excellent opportunity to use our inbound marketing rules to the max.  It is all explained here:  6 easy steps to creating the perfect web page.  However, we do have more to perfect as this month we will be working with their social media and content plan.  Furthermore, we hope that in June, Mediaholix will bring you more website magic whilst we watch this young site gradually grow in inbound stature.


2.  Susan Piver.  Writer and Buddhist teacher Susan Piver has been practicing for 20 years and teaching meditation for ten years. She is a frequent guest on network television, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Today, CNN and many othersAn excellent example of a homepage doing its part of the inbound methology..   The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, TIME, and others feature her regularly. 

But she caught my attention with a blog post on another very prime venue.  The content there was quite extremely compelling for someone who came to her from this business oriented site.  

Following onto her site, the clean call to action on the front page hooked me.  I'm a sucker for free, and a weekly class is about right for me.  She also used a scrolling subtitle that may also give her some indication of which words moved me to sign up.

As I was in the form to sign up, I was offered other options (that had been below the fold on the homepage). These included a free daily practice, or the ability to join the Open Heart Project (a deep commitment to more than just your mediation).   

I went ahead with my initial choice but admired how, in our first interaction, she has managed to convert and segment me at the same time.

Well done.  Mindfully done.

3. Strokesmart.   May Stroke Awareness Month and amongst all the providers of health information in this area, this organization makes themselves very easy to find, easy to immediately benefit from their content, and easy to subscribe.  They are clear about the different audiences they serve and offer compelling reasons for visitors to take the next step.  I would also hold them up as an example of a previously print-only media making a very successful transition to digital.  (I learned of them when a friend was visiting a parent in a hospital and sent me a photo of the magazine cover... I investigated and was impressed!)

Technically, one could fault them for not have a blog. However, their news section performs this function.  The content is updated weekly and used for posting and conversing with followers and fellow traveler.  

There is also a bit of a miss as their social media buttons connect to their parent organization the National Stroke Association, but the content tone is very similar, so it seems to work.

Content Marketing

4. Dignity Health.  It was their television commercial that caught my eye.  I feel a bit jaded by healthcare ads, but this one immediately made me sit up. I could so clearly see which audience experience they were connecting with, on an emotional level and with humor (poor bell bottoms!)  

When I visited their homepage saw a little less humor, but nonetheless good content structured for a variety of audiences.  First of all, I thought they made great use of their name - it resonates very well with some of the needs that their customers of all ages will feel as they deal with this company.  Secondly, the array of content options was nicely varied, and throughout it all conveyed the consistent sense of optimism and humanity.  

This point was driven home when I visited their Facebook site and noticed they had an unusual option "Post Postive" - when taken there, I saw more compelling fact and figures about their positive approach.   Nice.

5. Pizza Hut.  Twas a viral video drew me in.  When your friend who never forwards things sends it, you pay attention.  When it causes people to have loud and hilarious comments on Facebook (including over 80K shares); when the behind the scenes are quite popular themselves... success.   The piece was not used on TV or other media but exclusively on YouTube and other social media.  

What people seem to love is how Pizza Hut is never overtly promoted. You do see the Pizzahut delivery gentleman deliver a clever line, but overall you see a fun story that slyly makes fun of its target audience - and they love it.  It makes Pizza Hut "one of us" at the party, as opposed to a pushy purveyor of unhealthy repast.  I salute you.


You may be saying, it's all very well and good that you like them, but if this is a sweepstake, what on earth did they win?

Well, it is our hope as practicing Mediaholix, that they have won your attention and admiration as well as ours (which is what they really wanted all along.)   Did you click through to any?  If so, tell us your favorite below, or any we may have missed that you would like to highlight.

Thanks for reading, and do press the button below if you'd like to brainstorm with us on any of the topics (SEO, Inbound, Content Marketing) above.


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