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Karen Atkinson

Karen Atkinson
Karen Atkinson Co-founder Mediaholix.

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Why are personas important?


Shakespeare - Just who were you supposed to be writing for...

Last Friday, (22nd April), saw the 400th anniversary of the death of The Bard, William Shakespeare, the incredibly famous play-write.

We were going to write an article about how...


How is Conversion Rate Optimsation related to Click Through Rate?


What does Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and Jane, the owner of Candy Cart Co, a small candy cart sweet business have in common? They both have websites, and both want them to...

How Social Media has Helped england rugby

How Social Media helped England Rugby get into the record books off the pitch.

This time last year, the Rugby World Cup was something to look forward to. As the host nation, we were going to do it bigger and better than anyone else, on and off...

How to maximise inbound marketing at events

How to get on page 1 of google in less than a week

7 Steps to Get to Page One of Google Search Results.

At Mediaholix we like all things SEO - it is a key building block for inbound marketing.   Recently I had a request for a new site build.  Now we are generally moving away from new builds - but...

Latest News on SEO and the importance or URL Structure

News just in from google on SEO....:

Testimonial on Generating Leads Through Your Website

How do you generate more business leads through your website?

It is always difficult in the beginning to explain the importance of SEO and generating marketing leads through your website - it is a vast subject and not a one off transaction....

Can social media increase marketing leads to my website?

Can Social Media Increase marketing leads to my website?

How to generate marketing leads through a website?

How to Generate Marketing Leads through a Website.   

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an extremely useful tool for lead generation, to understand why, this post will go on to explain a little about what it is and does.