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Suzy De Line

Suzy De Line
Decades of High Tech Marketing. Biker. Yogi. Beagle lover.
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Content Marketing: What Is It and Should You Do It?

A friend in the marketing profession came home from work and said she’d had a full day session on content marketing… but dismissed it as just another buzzwordy trend. On the one hand, I understood. To some degree, content marketing is, well,...

[Webinar] Social Media Savvy 101: Facebook Content Strategy

I've been consulting for many large companies in my time (in various capacities at Intel, Intuit, Google and Apple.)  But I willl confess, I got a tingle when a friend asked me if I'd like to interview for a project at Facebook.

Thought Leadership:  What is it and Should You Do It?

Last fall a client contacted us to ask what we thought of “Thought Leadership” as a strategy they might try to achieve a certain goal.  To best answer their question, we set about looking at all the best practices around this topic.

How to set an ideal marketing budget? 5 Tips.

This is the top question I get asked when meeting with new clients (startups, mostly!)

What is message mapping and should you do it?

A Compelling, Up-to-Date, Message Mapping = A Must Have Marketing Resource

Does Inbound Work? 4 Reasons Why I Certainly Think So.


Head above water!  Breathe.  Reflect.

I haven't blogged of late as I've been busy setting up the Inbound campaign for a client about to launch a major technology. Busy, yes but loving it, because Inbound Methodology gives us a playbook that...

Contextual Marketing and Smart Landing Pages - 2 Best Practices 

Here at Mediaholix Central, we get very excited when we see other marketers doing great work.   Read along as we give a quick shout out to 2 fellow marketers doing innovative work.

3 Ways Your Community Manager Grows Your Business

As companies strive to become more constantly connected and relevant to their customers via online communications, the point of connection is the individual usually known as  the Community Manager. Therefor as you can imagine, it is promising...

Need an ECommerce Storefront? My Week with Shopify (and Chocolate)

My dear friend Mary makes the best chocolate.  From truffles to bars to dipped fruit, she has a unique gift.

Fortunately for those that love her gift, she opened a shop and produces and sells it. (Oh, the sea salt caramel truffles...) She has a...

Content Marketing that Meets you Where you Are (i.e. at work!)

When people think of Content Marketing, one of the first best practices is to try and connect with the audience’s deepest needs, the individuals truest self.  As Content Marketing Strategists, we love to highlight and salute great examples of...