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Suzy De Line

Suzy De Line
Decades of High Tech Marketing. Biker. Yogi. Beagle lover.
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Zen and the Art of Inbound Marketing: 3 Truths and How to Apply Them

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, the author Robert M. Pirsig's thesis is that to truly experience a fulfilling life, one must embrace the reality and requirements of the situation as it is, not as you wish it to be.

According to the...

6 Simple Content Strategy Tips for Passion Communities

At Mediaholix, we get very excited when we have "Aha!" moments around Content Strategy, and we know you do too. Whilst participating in an excellent content strategy MOOC on Coursera, we learned some very helpful tips to improve the quality of...

Creative Content Interactivity - Good to Great

As digital marketers, we LOVE to see you our customers interacting with our content.   A lot of the information we share is one-to-many, and we get feedback from likes, shares, retweets, and comments.

Content Strategy Champion - Pizza Hut??

In last month's winners, we highlighted Pizza Hut for understanding what their target audience values (hint: it's not nutritionally void pizza like foodstuffs...).  With their expertly crafted video, they served up a well received wink and self...

5 Winners in the Mediaholix May Websites Sweepstakes

Since we spend all day on the web (hazard of the job), we like to keep a folder of things that made us go "Well Done." And how churlish it would be to keep them to ourselves!

So, with no further ado, let us call out some of our favorites in the...

6 Easy Steps to Perfect Webpage Structure

6 Easy Steps to Perfect Webpage Structure

In our last SEO related blog post, one of our "do's" (that can get you onto page 1 of Google searches) was to structure your pages well.  Given the amount of requests we go on what that actually means, we...

To Stream or Not to Stream (and if yes, with which app?)

Is Growth Hacking the New Black?

(or just the same old BS with some great new buzzwords?... read on!)

Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Closets

As you approach the completion of winter/spring programs, do you feel a somewhat overwhelmed?