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Can social media increase marketing leads to my website?

Posted by Karen Atkinson on Apr 1, 2015 12:36:10 PM

Can Social Media Increase marketing leads to my website?

can social media increase marketing leads to my websiteI come across many business owners who ask "how social media can increase marketing leads for my business" and find social media a big drain of resource with little measurable benefit to show from their investment.  So I have taken it as a Mediaholix duty to investigate and demonstrate the power of Social Media on a website and whether it can increase marketing leads to your website.

  1.  Work out who you want to visit your website, create a persona for them, key traits, their pain points and where they are going to 'hang out' on line
  2. Respond to their pain points, create a blog article that solves a burning issue they may have, optimise it for SEO
  3. Post that article (the link) onto social media - use an image for all and tag the image
  4. Track how effective it is in google analytics
  5. Repeat with a similar topic but slightly different keyword the following week


Use your social media to reinforce your search terms, distribute your content and gain active followers.  

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