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Content Strategy Champion - Pizza Hut??

Posted by Suzy De Line on Jun 10, 2015 5:35:43 PM

In last month's winners, we highlighted Pizza Hut for understanding what their target audience values (hint: it's not nutritionally void pizza like foodstuffs...).  With their expertly crafted video, they served up a well received wink and self referential nod to the selfie crowd.



But what's their followup once they've piqued the interest of their audience?  How do they parley this affection into engagement?  Would you believe they're going for the prize in the box strategy? (yes: crackerjack retro!)

It's a trial still, and pricy to be sure, but dang, who will be able to resist giving this a try?  HK audience members?  Pls give it a try and let us know what you think!!!

What I take away from this content strategy they are pursuing is how clearly I can see the Persona they've created for this audience segment.    Their tone, their voice, the items they are delivering are so clearly filling this need to feel special, funny, and center of the action.

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