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Contextual Marketing and Smart Landing Pages - 2 Best Practices 

Posted by Suzy De Line on Sep 4, 2015 9:24:55 PM

Here at Mediaholix Central, we get very excited when we see other marketers doing great work.   Read along as we give a quick shout out to 2 fellow marketers doing innovative work.

Contextual Marketing

Strongview positions themselves as a leader in "Real Time Marketing."  I was unaware of this concept/their company until I read their 2015 Key Marketing Trends... a great piece targetted to gain awareness in marketing professionals such as myself.

Contextual Marketing StrongView Digital Marketers Guide to Top Trends

As I became aware of a need for better email marketing, I found their guide.  As I began to consider advanced email marketing options (sometimes Inbound isn't everything a client needs....) their guide truly helped me consider my options.  OK, by now Strongview had noticed my interaction on their sites and my download of the above items and proactively sent me a very helpful piece, perfect content mapping to my stage the buyers journey.  Their comparison chart really helped me know my option prompting me to set up a call and I feel very prepared to recommend them to clients in need of this type of service.  This was some of the finest buyers journey content I've seen! Well done StrongView!

Smart Landing Pages

I'm a bit of a marketing geek, and I find different branding strategies to be like beach reading.  (Yes, all together now... NERD ALERT!!!)  So, I get an email offering free eChapters titled: Getting Goosebumps: A Pragmatic Guide to Effective Inbound Marketing: Emotionally Connect with Your Audience and Achieve Your Business Objectives.  Looks good, I love free, so I click through to  a landing just asked for my name, info and job role.  Easy as my google autofill had all but the last filled in.  Note: I accidentally downloaded Chapter 2 first, but went back to the link to Chapter 1.  Instead of going straight to the download, I'm given a landing page with all the same autofill in, but with a slightly different end to the form (gathering just one more form for my contact info).

Goosebumps Guide to Brand Value eBook Landing Page

Now I can't tell if the CMS did the 'smart page' offering or if Author Mark Russell set them up manually this way but the end result is the same. Well done Mark.  (and watch for my review after I hit the beach this weekend and read the chapters...)


In both cases, the company and I recognized each other's value and needs and we exchanged valuable information.    

If I may offer you some beach reading on other Mediaholix subjects, may I suggest our guide to running an inbound campaign (very quick read... a checklist really...download from link below or at the sidebar) or our blog post (no download required) on how to maximze inbound marketing at events.  

Free Checklist: How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign




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