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Does Blogging Really Work?

Posted by Andrea Holmes on Feb 5, 2018 3:00:09 PM

It would seem these days that everyone is writing blogs, whether it's in the style of a personal journal, a means of being an influencer and creating a following or as a vehicle to promote a business, service or product. We're all being urged to get some content out there and show that we are thought leaders and well informed in our given specialisms.

But, does blogging really work? What makes it effective? How often should you blog? How do you keep it relevant?

After discussing this with a number of varying clients, other bloggers and content marketers, here's what we found.

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An up to date blog shows the world that you're current and in touch

Whilst it can seem onerous and certainly a challenge to constantly come up with new ideas, it is essential to keep or get your business ahead and keep your clients and potential clients informed. They need to know that you, as their suppler, are at the forefront of what you do. If the workload is too much or you don't have the resource, there are businesses out there that can work with you to originate, plan and create content for you or just help you to manage it better yourselves.  

It's great for SEO - the search engines love fresh new content

The search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms and spiders and even if you're top of the search lists you can bet your competitors are targetting to win that space. Your optimised blogs created in conjunction with an effective SEO strategy will keep you ahead of the game. You can learn more about SEO strategy here.


It should be informal and easy to read, in a conversational style

You might have an extensive vocabulary but it's worth remembering that not everyone does, keep it simple and straightforward or you could come across as aloof or unapproachable. Use contractions too (I'd or can't instead of I would or can not), it's more conversational and less instructive. People engage with people so make sure your on-line voice and intonation represent you in a friendly and easy going style. It goes without saying that your grammar and punctuation should be tip-top, it's a good idea to have someone proof read for you.

It's an integral part of your inbound marketing campaign

Your blog takes many forms, it can be used to inform and educate, create awareness and help with decision making along the buyers journey. You may want to create awareness by talking about your industry and what's new, or being knowledgeable and educational about the field in which you operate in order to be considered an expert in what you do. This may also prompt an online discussion or comments which in turn give you feedback. You can also talk more explicitly about your company, what clients say about you and what you offer to help potential clients decide to buy from you. For further detail on Inbound click on our 5 day guide...

5 day guide to inbound


Your market place and objectives determine how often you blog

We're often asked how frequently blogging should take place and that generally depends on the products and services you offer, what you are looking to achieve and the audience you are looking to reach.  On average 2-3 blog posts a month would suit most businesses but there's no hard and fast rule. It's better to create high quality and relevant blogs less frequently than a constant stream of useless information.

You can measure a blog's success

With well optimised blogs you have instant measurability and can see which blogs appeal the most and to whom, analysis of your blog's performance is a great indicator of where the strengths/weaknesses of your offer are. This information is invaluable for helping you plan your content going forward, you can see whether your personas are correct and what individuals are looking for enabling you to tailor your blogs to reach more of those potential leads. There is nothing like seeing the success and impact of a blog to inspire and motivate you to come up with remarkable content time after time.

Happy blogging everyone and if you'd like to talk to Mediaholix about planning your content strategy click below. 

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