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[Webinar] Social Media Savvy 101: Facebook Content Strategy

Posted by Suzy De Line on Jul 17, 2017 3:59:44 PM

I've been consulting for many large companies in my time (in various capacities at Intel, Intuit, Google and Apple.)  But I willl confess, I got a tingle when a friend asked me if I'd like to interview for a project at Facebook.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 15.56.06.png

There is a reason why it wins "best place to work" on a regular basis - it has perks and ammenenties to spare, free food, shuttle buses, tuesday night beer/5K runs (awakening the dormant hash house harrier in me!)  But the real reason it wins these awards is the passion it stokes in the employees to make a difference in the world with their work.  

And so, I quickly realized, as a casual user of the app - reading newsfeed mostly - I only knew the tip of the iceberg in terms of the products that are available.    But having been there for a month, let me list the 3 ways I think Facebook is impactful both for organizations and users.

1.  Beyond Newsfeeds and Ads -- the most powerful feature on the platform is Groups.

 In a major change of company mission, founder Mark Zuckerberg updated the "connect the world" mission to "bring people together."  This is both in response to increasing polarization in society and the results that the Groups feature is seeing.  Of the 2 billion people using Facebook, the people actively using Groups are reporting that it makes their lives much better and helps them do things they couldn't do without it.

2.  The Insights tool is for more than ads.

Though ad revenue is the gasoline driving the innovation in this tool, this capability is available to anyone with a Page.  (A Page is what an organization has - a person has a Profile.)  Any page admin can see incredible data about what people on the platform like, how they interact with trends, brands and so much more.

3.  There is very little you *can't* do on the platform.  

With the Live button, you can broadcast any event.  With the Events tool, you can powerfully and easily plan and promote events both business and personal.  With Camera and Stories tools, you can immitate (and irritate) your teens social interactions and with Marketplace,  you can replace Craigslist and eBay.  

I could go on.  

But instead, I'd like to invite you to an upcoming Webinar where superusers ActionSprout demonstrate their best practices on using Facebook to make the world a better place.  (Which you, dear B2B reader, could also use to make Facebook a more impactful platform for your clients!)

A quick summary of the webinar being held July 24 - 8am PDT/ 4pm GMT.

"Facebook Content Strategy" 

Using the lessons learned directly from organizations around the globe, this session will help you uncover strategies and tactics to reach and engage more people on Facebook. During this session, we will cover both the theory and the practice of creating content that actually engages your audience.

About ActionSprout
We’re a company on a mission to make Facebook the most powerful channel on the planet for good. The ActionSprout community of users reach over 600 million people in 55 countries each month. Together, we power real change on and off Facebook!
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