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How Blogging Really Works - the Evidence

Posted by Karen Atkinson on Feb 27, 2018 12:43:57 PM

5 Examples where Blogging Really Works

Recently Andrea wrote about 'Does Blogging Really Work' .  In this post we would like to show you how it works.  Giving you some real life examples.

We really enjoy creating content for our clients.  It gives us the opportunity to research keywords, create compelling copy and optimise the preverbial out of the page.

Here are some mini case studies on how blogging has worked for our clients.

1. Organic Upsurge and Improved Conversion

An Osteopath in London, a fabulous WordPress website built by one of our partners Fresh Pies:

In August, we ran an SEO project on their website.  In September, we started blogging on average twice a month talking about subjects relevant to their practice that would help their target audience. 

Organic Traffic: The increase in organic traffic went from 421 per month pre SEO and blogging to 750 per month.  An increase of nearly 80%.  These are all visitors that have used a search engine to find the client.

5 reasons how blogging really works

Conversions:  The other interesting trend to note (and enjoy) is the increase in conversions (in this case appointments being booked) as the blogging and organic traffic increase.  This is due to the relevance of the topics being talked about on the site.

6 month graph to show increase in organic traffic and conversion through blogging

So in 6 months, with blogging about twice a month - an upsurge of 78% in organic traffic and conversions increasing from 1% to 2.2%, or 11 vs 24 appointments booked per month.

2. Simple Organic Growth through Blogging

A Home Automation Company in London

Our second example has products and services which are much higher value and have a longer decision process.  They install bespoke audio visual and home automation into residencies.  After a busy year last year content has started again this year with some pillar pages and continued and frequent blogging.  Already this month we can see the healthy upturn in traffic:

simple organic growth through blogging

3. Social Media - Feeding the Conversation

A photographer focusing on Smart Phone Photography for Instagram:

Our third example is how blogging can help your conversion within social media.  Our very own Jeanette Lendon is also an excellent photographer with her own business and recently decided to focus on courses for Smartphone Photography for Social Media.  So after years of nagging, January 2018 she dusted off her keyboard and started blogging for her own business.  The results are brilliantly encouraging. 

blogging and social mediaMany of the pages visited from social media are the blog posts written and posted to social media - this is a break down of the Facebook traffic.  And, interesting to note, the 2nd most popular post resulted in 3 new bookings (not currently tracked in Analytics).

blogging and facebook traffic

4. Blogging for B2B Tech Companies

This is where we find blogging and inbound really comes into its own.  This IoT based company offering Smart City Solutions and Smart Facilities Solutions have been steadily adding to their content through blogging and offering a well thought through customer journey structured with gated assets. blogging and tech companies improve conversion

Good steady inbound growth.  For this client we are about to embark on a 3 month campaign so we will report back on these findings in Quarter 3.


5. International B2B Technology Company increases organic traffic and conversions through blogging, Solution Briefs and eBooks.

Our final example, is a company we have worked with for about a year now.  We work closely with them on content creation, blogging and downloads.  Over the past 6 months this has really come into its own. how blogging really works

The blogging has been about 3 to 4 posts per month.  December and January we published 2 major new assets and the conversions are now over 3%, with a total of 117 leads being generated through organic traffic alone.

So, in conclusion, is blogging something your company can afford to ignore?  The optimised content helps improve rankings within the search engines and your offer or download will help improve conversion - meaning more leads through your website.

If you would like to know more about content planning then why not schedule a call?

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