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How Social Media has Helped england rugby

Posted by Karen Atkinson on Feb 8, 2016 12:09:31 PM

How Social Media helped England Rugby get into the record books off the pitch.

This time last year, the Rugby World Cup was something to look forward to. As the host nation, we were going to do it bigger and better than anyone else, on and off the field.

Fast forward 12 months, and only half of that came true. So, how did last yearʼs Rugby World Cup creep into the record books - and weʼre not talking about Englandʼs questionable performance?

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According to the Rugby World Cup website , this was the ʻ...biggest and best tournament to dateʼ, generating ʻover £250 million in ticket revenues, delivering an £80 million surplus to World Rugby and a £15 million surplus to the RFU to be invested into the development of rugby.ʼ But can this success only be accredited to the teams performances on the field, or does social media come in to play here too? 

Social media is now so important to us, that, if done well, it can generate a whole new way of engaging people who you wouldnʼt normally reach. How many TV adverts do you see with a # or ʻfollow us on Facebookʼ comment in the corner? Want to win a prize from a chocolate bar? Log onto their website to input the code. Want to share a photo of you eating a piece of cheese? Post it on an Instagram account for a chance to win. Everything now points to either a website or a social media platform of some sort.

The stats from the World Cup below speak for themselves...

ʻRugby World Cup 2015 was the most digitally engaged tournament to date with social media activity exceeding the whole of New Zealand's Rugby World Cup 2011 during the 2015 pool stages. Throughout the tournament, #RWC2015 was used twice a second for the duration of the event and over five million times in total, there were over 270 million video views on all social media channels, the website attracted 25 million unique users and the official App was downloaded 2.8 million times with use in 204 nations. ...The introduction of giant Twitter screens at Twickenham Stadium also allowed over 2,000 fans per day in venue and across the world to display their messages of good luck to the teams.ʼ

social_media_and_hashtags helped England rugby.jpg 

All of this led to ʻWorld Rugby Chairman Bernard Lapasset saying:

"Rugby World Cup 2015 will be remembered as the biggest tournament to date, but I also believe that it will be remembered as the best. England 2015 has been the most competitive, best-attended, most-watched, most socially-engaged, most commercially-successful Rugby World Cup."

So, with the 2016 Six Nations well underway, will there be the same social media buzz around the tournament? BBC Sport, who along with ITV will be showing the games, ʻ...enables fans to share in all the excitement through the BBC Sport website and via the BBC Sport app on mobiles, tablets and connected TVs. BBC Sport's social media accounts, which have almost 17 million followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, will provide all the latest breaking news and some of the best clips from the tournament catching the crucial, dramatic and shareable moments you just do not want to miss.ʼ

Still unsure as to whether social media could help your business??? If it can make the 2015 World Cup the biggest success to date, and thatʼs with the host nation going on in the qualifying rounds, surely itʼs something to think about isnʼt it???

Talk to Mediaholix about how we can shape your social media campaign and grow your reach. We canʼt guarantee 25 million people using your App, or 270 million video views, however we can guarantee a comprehensive social media campaign that is tailored to you and your business.

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