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How to get on page 1 of google in less than a week

Posted by Karen Atkinson on May 19, 2015 10:06:00 PM

7 Steps to Get to Page One of Google Search Results.

At Mediaholix we like all things SEO - it is a key building block for inbound marketing.   Recently I had a request for a new site build.  Now we are generally moving away from new builds - but they asked so nicely and it is cycling related.  

It was a marvellous opportunity to plan, build, get awesome graphics and see how long a planned structure would take to rank on Google.  (Other Search engines are available but I have seen the analytics and  Google dominates).

After just 4 days we are on page one.  Broom Wagon Tours had some heavy competition and we were no where until today.  Please note the competition - Bloomberg, BBC and Wikipedia... our site is 4th in as many days,,,  website =

how to get on page 1 of google in less than a week



How to get on page 1 of google?  What is the secret?  Well - it is no secret, more about what you know not who... here's how we did it.

  1. A well structured site for keywords and logic.  Home, about us, products or services, events, blog, contact - the things your customers will expect to see.
  2. Know your target audience, what visuals will appeal.
  3. Structure your pages well. (Six Steps is all it takes!)
  4. Make sure you invest in graphics and alt-tag well.
  5. Don't forget to spend some time doing keyword research.
  6. Download Yoast SEO plugin for Wordpress.  (If on another CMS use their SEO tools.)
  7. You'll notice we didn't spend a lot of time (or money) getting inbound links.  

Build happy and wait for google to do their crawling.  If you want to know more about SEO download our free e book below:


17 Myths on SEO


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