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How to maximise inbound marketing at events

Posted by Karen Atkinson on Jun 8, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Recently one of our favourite clients decided to present some new research they had commissioned at an event to real live people.  'Retro, but exciting.' we thought.  But how do you maximise the impact of inbound marketing at events?   'Simples -' we to maximise inbound marketing at events

Before we reveal our best new practice for maximising inbound at events - I would like to share that the request to offer the research paper in an online format actually came from our biggest inbound supporter - the client.  Embracing marketing tech at its best, all we had to do was implement.  Here's how:


  1. Ensure the paper is professionally written and produced (check, written by a Professor and check, produced by a graphic designer.)
  2. Load it to your file manager
  3. Create a landing page with data capture by way of a form
  4. Design a nice call to action button
  5. Create and automated email follow up with a copy of the document and thank you message
  6.  Add a work flow to the email
  7. Entice people to view the landing page and download the paper.


The results were excellent with 28 downloads which have already converted into 4 demos.  Truly an example of inbound working adding an edge to traditional marketing methods and it helps automate the follow up process.  By getting people to download the document online they automatically get added to the follow up work flow.


Are you interested in performance management and / or inbound marketing?  Try out the process here and let us know your thoughts.

CLICK HERE FOR RESEARCH PAPER : Employee Performance Management



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