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Hubspot 2018 New Feature: Facebook Lead Ads Explained

Posted by Suzy De Line on Feb 15, 2018 5:23:51 PM

Let's face it - if you're in business, you need to maintain a social media presence, and Facebook is a big part of it. And if you use Hubspot, as we do, social scheduling and publishing is almost effortless (if you don't, here's how)!

As you know, we're in the middle of a series exploring some of the most useful new features in Hubspot in 2018 - and Facebook Ads is at the top of our list.   


Facebook advertising is a great way to extend your reach, and it's key to reaching mobile users effectively. Ergo, if you're a Hubspot user (or considering your options in Marketing Automation) these new capabilities are definitely something to be aware of.

facebook ads made easy

Here's how you do it - step by step.

I can't explain it better than Hubspot, so I won't! But I will let you in on the secrets of why we're doing it and how we see it impacting our business.  

Why Would Hubspot Integrate Facebook Lead Ads?

Hubspot's Inbound Marketing methodology helps you focus on being useful and being found (i.e. organic search, earned traffic).  But a savvy marketer looking to kickstart growth will want to include paid media in the mix. Hubspot's tools now include best-practice native integration of Google and Facebook Ads.  I'll let my esteemed colleague and Google expert Karen write more on the former <blog post coming soonish>, but I'll give my take on the latter.

As mentioned above, Facebook (and along with it, Instagram) are essential for reaching mobile users. And since easy-to-complete forms are key to mobile conversion rates, Facebook has created a tool called "Lead Ads," which calls up pre-populated forms.

Caveat:  You will be getting people's default Facebook email addresses, which likely are not their business identities, so make sure you've thought through your CRM policy about managing contacts with mulitple email addresses. As you nurture those leads, you can offer content that requires a non-personal email.

If you've done your persona homework, you know that the problems people face in their work are tied very deeply to the things that drive them as people.  We wrote recently on what makes the most successful Facebook posts for non-profits, but I believe they also hold true for businesses.

1.  Be useful.  2.  Be self-defining.  3.  Be impactful.

Your ad should provide a solution to a problem. And in the brief space that you have, your solution has to agree with their image of their best self and offer a credible promise. No small creative feat, eh?

Mediaholix wants to provide you with first-hand knowledge of how these things work.  Here's how: 

As you know, images are incredibly important in crafting effective ads. We're going to leverage our secret weapon to come up with ads that we think will help solve your problems, dear reader.  

We'll run those ads for a month and report back on their success.  We'll test them vs. organic image posts across the same time period (and against Google AdWords while we're at it).

The other key feature in this area is the ability to create lookalike Facebook audiences natively in Hubspot - more on this later, but in the meantime, here's another excellent Hubspot "how to."

Want to join us on our adventure to try out all of Hubspot's New Features in 2018?  Go ahead and download the checklist. We'll be sharing tales from our side - we hope you do, too.

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