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Best Hubspot New Features 2018? (and Why They Matter)

Posted by Suzy De Line on Jan 30, 2018 7:43:00 AM

If you've been enjoying Hubspot, as we at Mediaholix have been doing, you likely have a list of your favorite things.  For me, I would choose the ability to publish polished, optimized blog posts and landing pages, send and track marketing emails, and be able to see a detailed source report on which pages, channels, assets and segments had been most effective.  (see below a screenshot of my dearly loved source report.)

Hubspot New Features 2018 Source Report Improvement 

But as we in marketing and sales like to say, wait, there's more! 

Hubspot continues to evolve their software platform and I particularly look forward to these new features.

Below is a quick summary of my favorite Hubspot new features - and stay tuned for more details on them as we at Mediaholix practise what we preach and put them into action!

Hubspot Website Pages

We've not been displeased with the ability to track Wordpress pages via Hubspot analytics, however, being able to quickly test and learn what pages work best - without needing IT support - helps free marketers to succeed/fail quickly.

Facebook Ads

Seeing the integration of Social Media as a driver of customers has been a revelation.  Being able to easily integrate the reach of Facebook Ads as part of a campaign, can add a whole new dimension to your marketing effectiveness. 

Content and Campaign Analytics

Existing campaign analytics let you see how you were tracking in your goals for a given campaign. And now, we're able to track impact and influence, campaign against campaign, and content topic vs others topics provides ROI gold.

Account Based Marketing Tools

Business to business success is built at reaching out to the right people, or group of people at a customer, especially for enterprise level sales. Being able to seamlessly reach out to teams at your target account using best in class ABM technology will jumpstart and shorten the sales cycle.

Multi-Channel Conversations

Customers expect to be able to get informatioin via your website and that includes chat and phone conversations. Being able to track all of your interactions across chat, add email, phone calls and texts; in the context of all the website touches can make your interactions with your potential customers well understood.

Customer Hub

Being able to continue the conversation in the same multichannel manner after the sale will drive recommendation, postive reviews, and loyalty.  (Your CEO and board would expect nothing less!)

This is just a quick summary - we will share more about the experience of these features as we implement them. You an also download a checklist of how you can do it too!

What's Hot in the HubSpot Dashboard 2018

new featues in hubspot 2018


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