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Hubspot WebPages vs WordPress - More Secure, Easier and Better?

Posted by Suzy De Line on Feb 8, 2018 7:21:00 AM

An Interview with a Webmaster - Why Switch to Hubspot's New Website Pages?

Mediaholix founder and webmaster in chief Karen Atkinson has long been a WordPress advocate, so when she decided to make the move to use HubSpot as our main content management system, the team took notice.  Below is a summary of why she made the move, what the main steps were, and what results we've seen so far.

Hubspot Website Pages being implmented madly by Mediaholix founder Karen Atkinson

More Secure than WordPress?

It was whilst researching best SSL (https://)  practices that led me to consider HubSpot webpages.  Simplicity seems a good way to go for many reasons, so having one domain that can have an SSL certificate seemed extremely logical.  We have been using WordPress because of its open source and huge collaborative community - but with that comes security work - preventing hackers taking over or adding code to your site.   It then became apparent that there were many more advantages to moving to HubSpot pages, it is secure but also SEO optimised.  Response times are quick and mobile optimised from the outset. As I read more I became intrigued. 

Easier to Use than Wordpress?

I have always found Wordpress easy to set up and manage.  With online stores full of templates and plugins, the design and technical opportunies are vast.  Online booking systems, SEO plugins, pop up chat windows - so many possibilities.  I have also learnt that not everyone enjoys the lego type building opportunity that WordPress can offer.  For Mediaholix the ability for anyone on my team - my editors, my content manager - to go in and update/test pages is a capability I think many teams would like to have.  Hubspot's ability to make easy to test landing pages and blog posts is now extended to all site pages.  As HubSpot themselves say:

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 17.09.21

Better performance than Wordpress?

It was only after I properly started researching the pages that I began to see a host of performance improvements that are based on Hubspot's global infrastructure.  This is what they say:

"The core HubSpot products are currently hosted in U.S.-based data centers. Public content is globally distributed through HubSpot's content delivery network in order to ensure a positive user experience and address potential distributed denial of service attacks and similar threats."

And for privacy and the EU red tape:

"HubSpot has a robust privacy program that is designed to align with many regions’ data hosting needs. HubSpot's service is Privacy Shield certified and HubSpot offers a Data Processing Agreement for EU-based customers. These guarantees are structured to assure the appropriate groups that HubSpot’s data-handling processes meet rigorous policy requirements."

For a very thorough side by side comparison of HubSpot Website Pages vs. WordPress, see here.

WordPress hosting will depend on your service provider / hosting company.  At Mediaholix we still have and host WordPress sites and know the admin required to ensure they are kept up to date and secure.  So HubSpot Webpages were a breath of fresh air!

The steps to implementation

Free Trial.  As an existing Hubspot user (editor's note:  Certified Silver Partner for 2 years now) it was very simple to start the free trial and to play with how simple it was to set up pages and play with the content and style.  It is amazing how fast the 30 days went!

Choosing Template.  I had started with a free template to play with the options - very impressed with the ease of use *but* I know that a professional design is key to putting ones best foot forward so I did buy a template that I felt expressed our team's style.  It came with 2 free hours of setup, but as I had fonts and colors already selected, only needed 45 minutes!

Going live.  Taking down the wordpress site we'd been on for the past several years was a bit of a nailbiter, but in the end, once we had our new Hubspot pages set up - the switchover was as simple as pushing a button.  We didn't lose any organic search traffic, in fact we nearly immediately saw improvements (see below).

Results to Date.  It's been a few weeks now and we haven't changed our other practices / cadences from years before. Initially I was amazed to see an improvement in organic traffic, time on site, and we anticipate being able to better understand the topics that draw people to us.  We are now embarking on an exciting campaign of inbound goodness so please check back soon for updates. 

Whether you're just getting started and need a solid marketing stack, or looking for improvements to your current one, I think this is a solution that is well worth considering.  I have put my company's money on it! 

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