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Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Closets

Posted by Suzy De Line on May 8, 2015 9:28:00 PM

As you approach the completion of winter/spring programs, do you feel a somewhat overwhelmed?   

Unorganized?  Mentally cluttered?  Witness the appeal of Marie Kondo and her international bestseller; The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising.   Her “KonMarie method”, encourages a rapid, dramatic and transformative one-time organising event completed methodically and lovingly.  Take a deep breath and lets examine how some of these principles (in conjunction with helpful free tools from our partner Hubspot) can elevate the chi in your marketing programs.

Zen and the Art of Marketing Program Management

Empty completely.  Examine lovingly.

At home, I force my kids to empty cabinets, closets, etc onto a surface - they do it as rapidly as the can with absolutely no attachment to any item.  I can then choose to keep, or send items on their way.  With your marketing programs, this is likely done best with your finance partner.  That which you are spending money on should be bringing you joy and satisfaction.  

Kondo sees tidying as a cheerful conversation in which anything that doesn’t “spark joy” is to be touched, thanked and ceremonially sent on its way towards a better life elsewhere, where it can discover a more appreciative owner.

In examining your marketing program, most programs are organized with your digital doppleganger, aka your website pages.  Using any number of commercial “Marketing Graders” - you can get a quick assessment of what is optimized using latest best practice guidelines.  See if this jibes with what your intuition (and in your finance partner’s analytics) tells you is working well or not.

Release what’s easy to let go.

Most have of us have too much… too many programs,  objectives, initiatives.  Spend time reflecting on what brings joy to our customers and what we have that supports them in their journeys.    What needs do they have that you can meet?  What stage of their journey are they at that you might support them with your unique products, services, expertise.  Building persona and buyers’ journey map can help you see opportunities or redundancies.

Organize what’s left and acquire mindfully.

Now that you have keep doing / stop doing lists gained from the above exercises, you can arrange your remaining assets with affection and care.  You will also be able to see areas where you would benefit from additional material. This content map can help you to find most appropriate ways to allocate future resources.

When and how to do this exercise?

Since adding something to your calendar may not be practical - is it possible to use a time you already have, such a weekly staff get together, a monthly brown bag lunch, or for an offsite topic?  Please see our offer below if we can support you in this endeavor.

If we believe Marie, this exercise can have the effect of restoring reverence to our work process.  “Our spaces after decluttering have much in common with a Shinto shrine ... a place where there are no unnecessary things, and our thoughts become clear,” she says.  “It is the place where we appreciate all the things that support us. It is where we review and rethink about ourselves.”

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


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