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Starting with Inbound

Posted by Andrea Holmes on Dec 14, 2017 12:59:38 PM

So there’s a new way to generate leads for your business which for those hardened sales professionals may seem slightly counter intuitive. But it’s true, read on, inbound is here, cold calling and email spamming are a thing of the past.

I guess it can be hard to resist picking up the phone and making that sales call especially when you’re target driven and want results fast but it just seems to be getting harder. Customers are so much more savvy and get pretty tired of being sold to yet again, no matter how good your approach may be. Technology helps them too, what with caller ID to screen who might be calling and Spam filters on email, it can be hard to reach customers who are intent on ignoring you (but then maybe they aren’t the clients you want after all).

It seems to me that customers want to feel informed and empowered in their decision making process, be in control of the information they receive and so therefore deciding to buy on their own terms. It would still be great to help them buy your product though, right? That’s where Inbound comes into play.

It’s still lead generation but it’s about quality, qualified leads who are engaged with your business and close to decision. The methodology behind it works brilliantly.

First, you decide who you want to reach and develop personas for those typical clients. By working out WHO they are and WHERE they go and WHAT they’re interested in you can put together a variety of engaging and relevant content to appeal to them. You need a great SEO strategy in place to ensure that your website and content can be found and explored, then with some patience and great analytics you can see who’s coming to browse. Now you can see who’s looking, it’s time to give them more:

  • ebook
  • Infographic
  • Calculator
  • Solution briefs
  • How to Guides

All designed to inform, educate and nurture your lead whilst winning trust and respect as a thought leader in your specialism without selling. Sounds good doesn’t it?

When it is time to make contact, which they may do first, it’s all about assisting, advising and finding solutions to their problem, remember it’s their decision! You’re just there to help.

Want to know a bit more?  Why not try our 5 day guide to inbound - just click the image below to learn more:

5 day guide to inbound

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