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Testimonial on Generating Leads Through Your Website

Posted by Karen Atkinson on Apr 13, 2015 11:58:00 AM

How do you generate more business leads through your website?

It is always difficult in the beginning to explain the importance of SEO and generating marketing leads through your website - it is a vast subject and not a one off transaction.  There are many comanies out there charging a lot of money - but do they measure value?  Our ethos is creating value for your business and empowering you to do your own SEO if that is what you want.  

Ultimately we want to genereate value for you so why not read how it has helped one of our clients - The Fairy Food Mother.Laurengayfer_testimonial

"I contacted Karen from Mediaholix to help me redesign my website and improve my SEO as I was not coming up very high on Google and therefore losing out on potential customers. She found a fabulous Wordpress theme for me which was clean and eye-catching, and importantly, easy for me to update myself. Karen then taught me how to improve my SEO within each of my blog posts and gave me invaluable tips to make sure they were always optimised. A few months later, and traffic to my site has increased considerably. I am now on the first page of Google for nutritional therapists in my area and am getting consistent business, not only from individual clients but from companies wanting to work with me. People always compliment me on my website! The small, but effective, changes we made have made a massive difference to my business"  by Lauren Gayfer,

SEO is but one tool - using social media, blogging, strong call-to-action are also important factors to consider and manage well when generating leads through your website.

Using Social Media to Generate Leads to Your Website



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