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Hubspot WebPages vs WordPress - More Secure, Easier and Better?

An Interview with a Webmaster - Why Switch to Hubspot's New Website Pages?

Mediaholix founder and webmaster in chief Karen Atkinson has long been a WordPress advocate, so when she decided to make the move to use HubSpot as our main content...

Does Blogging Really Work?

It would seem these days that everyone is writing blogs, whether it's in the style of a personal journal, a means of being an influencer and creating a following or as a vehicle to promote a business, service or product. We're all being urged to...

Best Hubspot New Features 2018? (and Why They Matter)

If you've been enjoying Hubspot, as we at Mediaholix have been doing, you likely have a list of your favorite things.  For me, I would choose the ability to publish polished, optimized blog posts and landing pages, send and track marketing...