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What's a Persona and Why do we use them?

If you work in marketing or sales then there's a pretty good chance you use and understand the need for defining personas and therefore know how effective they are for creating your product offer and attracting new clients. There's no doubt that...

How Blogging Really Works - the Evidence

5 Examples where Blogging Really Works

Recently Andrea wrote about 'Does Blogging Really Work' .  In this post we would like to show you how it works.  Giving you some real life examples.

Does Blogging Really Work?

It would seem these days that everyone is writing blogs, whether it's in the style of a personal journal, a means of being an influencer and creating a following or as a vehicle to promote a business, service or product. We're all being urged to...

How to set an ideal marketing budget? 5 Tips.

This is the top question I get asked when meeting with new clients (startups, mostly!)