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What's a Persona and Why do we use them?

Posted by Andrea Holmes on Mar 22, 2018 5:28:17 PM

If you work in marketing or sales then there's a pretty good chance you use and understand the need for defining personas and therefore know how effective they are for creating your product offer and attracting new clients. There's no doubt that they are a crucial starting point in developing a successful Inbound Campaign.

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However, often when we first meet new clients we can see that either this process has been overlooked in the past or just never been considered. Organisations often have their own opinions on the look and feel of their content and website without really considering the needs of the new customers they are so eager to attract. One of the first steps of your inbound marketing strategy is always to define your personas, so here are a few thoughts about what they are and how you create them. 


What is a Persona?

A Persona is a fictional character that embodies your ideal customer in terms of their business needs and objectives, their behaviour patterns, interests, job role, etc. in fact the list of characteristics can be as exhaustive as you want. The more effort you put into defining them the more effective they become. There is no limit to the amount of unique personas you create according to the different products or services you offer. You can give them a specific name and attach an image with a description so that each member of your team can easily identify good new leads when they match the criteria set out in the persona.

Why do we use Personas?

Personas are the keystone to your inbound marketing strategies. By studying their characteristics you can identify where your potential customers hang out, what online content/social media they like, what influences their decision making and what their needs and demands maybe. Knowing all this, helps you develop new or better products and services, create relevant and compelling content and target your marketing efforts directly where they will have most impact.

Furthermore, making sure everyone in the business is fully on board with personas as Inbound Marketing Tools means you create a consistent story through all your output, be that your products, content or customer services, etc. and all fully aligned with your customers needs. Using different personas you can segment your marketing efforts to target different subsets of customers ensuring that your time, money and energy are used to efficiently attract and retain new customers.

Mediaholix can help you put together and implement an Inbound Strategy for your business and in turn generate more leads. If you'd like to know more about the services we offer or just want a friendly chat, why not get in touch?

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There's more detail about Personas and further steps to creating your Inbound Strategy in our 5 day guide to Inbound Marketing. 


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