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Why Hubspot?

Posted by Suzy De Line on Jan 26, 2018 7:01:29 PM

I've been in marketing for over a decade, and it's really rare when something truly impresses me.  Marketing automation did - and it came in the form of Hubspot (and under the kind management at Mediaholix.)    Is marketing automation a strategy, a tactice, a way of life, table stakes?  That we can debate, but let me share my experience and why I'm sold.

Marketing - The Hard Way

I've done product marketing, demand generation, thought leadership, partner marketing... and there have been fun parts, less fun parts, and then the parts you have to hand over to other folk.

For me, the fun part has always been thinking about the goodness of the value my company or group had to offer; and then thinking about how to communicate that to someone that we could really help.    Then the really fun part - getting the creative together - whether written, graphic, video or audio, putting together your story is so satisfying.

Now, the less than satisfying part.... having to give control over to someone else (usually an agency) to deploy and then to tell you how it's doing.   

Then, if you have money and time, you can adjust based on the inputs you have received from your agency.   That is, the agency would get to adjust.

Marketing Made Easy (and Automated)

Why HubSpot

I had taken several months off work to train for a biking event and my friend Karen joined me.  On our week long ride, we had many conversations, and in the area of work, she told me a story that seemed too good to be true.  So upon the end of our ride, I took her challenge and got my first Inbound Marketing and then my Hubspot Software Certifications. The Inbound Certification confirmed to me that marketing was in fact about the storytelling, knowing who your audience is and what will delight them, how to reach them, and how to be effective in your use of tools and techniques.

Getting Certified

The Hubspot Software Certification provided me the tools to take control of my marketing destiny.  Just as all actors secretly want to direct, all marketing experts would be thrilled to have this level of control and autonomy to experiment, iterate and improve.

For example - being able to create a whole campaign in one dashboard (which generated all your CID codes from the get go???? Nerd heaven!) that let you use approved creative for landing pages, emails, social posts and blogs.  Being able to create A/B tests, pull your own lists…  being able to see a dashboard that tracked results in real time…. Being able to compare creative vs creative - channel vs channel.

They had me at hello.

In short, why Hubspot? makes me feel like a mix between the ballsy theater producer who applied for business school, and the confident, creative marketer who directed millions in marketing spend for major brands.

My Story

The other stakeholders of Mediaholix will tell their stories shortly.  But that’s mine.

PS - Yes, I’ve worked in Marketo and Eloqua.  Not the same.  While I could write blog posts, suffice to say they provide different value from what I’ve mentioned above.

PSS - If I had to name my favorite features, as you’d suspect from the above, I love the campaign tool, the source report, and social publishing tools.  But there are so many more. 

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